Back to Work & Back to School

Back to work promotion!

The summer weather is on the wane.
Are you afraid that bad weather will stop you? Know that it's never the wrong weather, just the wrong equipment.
That's why we offer you together with the Folding Bike Active 24V a free accessories pack to make your ride to work more comfortable.
Buy a Folding Bike Active 24V and get a FREE WORK PACK. What you need to do? Check at the end of this page how to get your offer.


Pack Work

Back to School Promotion

Your kids starting school?
Are you looking for a solution to take them without moving the car?
Are you also looking for a solution for when the weather is bad?
Well, we have a solution for you together with a special offer. Order the MODULAR Bike with the FULL RACK PACK and get the School Pack free of charge. What does the Pack School consist of? Find out below.

Pack School

With the pack School you get all you need to safely bring your children to school even with harsh weather condition. We thought about your heavy loads with a FREE Ortlieb side Bag, rain protection with an AGU Grant Poncho Black and an anti-theft solution with the TEX Mate lock Axa compatible together with the AXA lock.

How to get your PACK?

Purchase the Folding Bike or a MODULAR Bike with FULL RACK PACK, put it in your cart. Purchase as well the pack. At the CHECK OUT your pack will be FREE of charge. And you ? What are you waiting for? Get your offer now.