Bright Limited Edition

Bright Limited Edition

Bright Limited Edition

Bright Limited Edition

Bright Limited Edition

Three bikes in one

With the Bright Limited Edition, you get 3 bikes in one. You can use it as a trendy commuter bike, a shopping bike or for carrying the kids around. In addition, with this limited edition, you get a bike that will safely bring you whenever you need. A strong bright bike specially designed for your safety during your rides.



Our Bright Limited Edition goes on with a set of accessories: a new and bigger light, a fluo jacket, kid pack, two different locks and two fluo bags. All specifically designed to ensure a more comfortable and safer ride for you and your child.


With the new Spanning Arco light , you will ride safely even during the night.


With the Fluo Jacket you'll easily catch the eye of the car drivers. Ride safely wherever you go.

Adapt the Modular Bright Limited Edition to your life!

Commuting to work, dropping kids at school or heading to the supermarket, represent a big part of our daily life. Better to do it with the Bright Limited Edition. Adapt it to your life and do it safely thanks to its new shiny color.

Probably the lightest cargo e-bike around

20kg* with battery and motor! Because of its low weight, you can ride the Bright perfectly without electric assistance. It is strong, light and comfortable. A unique riding experience.

Rear wheel hub motor

All what you need for a city ride: our engine has an unbeatable weight to performance ratio. Even with a fully packed bike, it will 'flatten' hills for you; and it rarely need maintenance.

Speed up in km/h


Torque in Nm


Removable battery

Elegant design and key secured. It offers a range of up to 70km, and much more if you ride smart and hybrid!



Range in KM


Hours to charge



Our bikes are designed to ride pleasant also without electric support. You can choose to use electric assistance all the time or just occasionally, thanks to the elegant screen that provides info on assistance level, speed, and battery level.

The 8 speeds

The 8 speeds facilitates riding hills and bridges and is equipped with a lightweight chain. Adjusting your gear on hilly roads, saves the battery.

Born in Belgium

Our bikes are designed in Belgium. Part of the assembly is done in Brussels by our Ahooga staff. What better place to bring our passion to life? Belgium is the global heart of professional cycling and has the highest e-bike adoption rate of any country in the world.

It's all in the details

Heads-up option

With the heads-up option you can adjust the height of the handlebar to get the most optimal and comfortable riding position.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Provide extra braking power and safety.

Very comfortable

Big Apple tires offer natural suspension and more control while riding bumpy roads or crossing
tram tracks.

Anti-theft clip off pedals

Clip off pedals make your Ahooga bike even more compact.

Flexible lighting

LED lights. 80/30 lumen (front/rear). USB rechargable and versatile mounting.

Technical specifications

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